We Are

What is WeWomEngineers?

A community of women, biomedical engineers, mothers and not.

Passionate and qualified workers, but first of all women.

Manuela Appendino

I am Manuela Appendino, a Biomedical Engineer, a wife, a mother. I find exciting the idea of a space all for me to talk about Biomedical Engineering, because I’d like not only to talk about particular news of biomedical world, but also to open a listening window on daily world.

Gianna Nigro

I am Gianna Nigro, I love good music and I think that sharing ideas can let us (and me) grow, not only as biomedical engineers, but also as women. I hope this space will became the gym for an bonny match, to personal and community improvement for the ones who share passion for engineering and technology in clinical and medicine world.

Our project

Born from our desire to disseminate the Biomedical Engineer’s profession, to create a synergic network with colleagues, to talk to those who work, who manage their own family, who follow a specific  project We want the dissemination of technology world's news, we want to talk about biomedical engineering and about what does it mean to be a biomedical engineer.

We want to promote, incentivize, describe women, their stories, their capability, their power, in daily life as in engineering world, where often women are still not considered.

We want to support social projects which aim to personal growth but also to life’s improvement for vulnerable people.

Our goals and competences

– Scientific divulgation with niche topics on biomedical world
– Promoting women’s social empowerment within bioengineering field
– Promoting gender equality
– Collection of stories of successful women in history and today’s world
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Promoting Social Association 0
Project management and support 0