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What is WeWomEngineers?

WeWomEngineers is a group of women, biomedical engineers, mothers, workers, students.
We are the WEWOMENGINEERS, We women engineers with the final EN in womEN and the initial of ENgineers fused together. WHY? Because many times we have very different roles in our every-day life and we play them interchangeably as needed: for a moment we are mothers, then workers, then wives and so on.
Born from the desire of two engineers and friends, Manuela Appendino and Gianna Nigro, to explain and popularize our profession, to create a synergic network with colleagues, to talk to those who work, who manage their own family, who follow a specific  project

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The cornerstone of WeWomEngineers is in the contribution of women who decide to help us and take active part in the project.Meet them here. Do you want to join us? We are waiting for you!


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A project for the women

This project is thought first to be for women, for biomedical engineers, to share information, events, projects, true stories of everyday life and successful stories.

Collaboration and improvement

We want to acquire new technical skills, ask ourselves about difficulties and find a way to go beyond them, all together, by helping each other and other people.

Meet new people, know new things

Everything that’s new can be a different approach to our lives, can make us think and have ideas, can give us a different way to see what’s around. And that’s where changes come from.

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